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Shinshukyougi Shiki

“Kyougi” is the traditional Japanese natural materials made of woods that has been shaved as thin as papers.
There are many ways to use Kyougi in our daily life, such as dishing up the food on, wrapping,  decorating and so on. It has excellent humidity conditioning action, air permeability, and antibacterial activities to maintain the freshness of foods. “Shinshu kyougi Shiki” is made of  “Akamatsu” Japanese Red Pine from Nagano prefecture’s Shinshu Inadani. We want to put a fresh perspective in the use of local resources and choices that we make that can positively make a difference to our local forest environment. It is a product that protects Japan’s forests and realizes reducing plastic waste, in addition, giving us the comfort of using woods in our daily life.

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Company Name Yamatowa Co.,Ltd
Location 6565-20, Nishiminowa, Ina City, Nagano Prefecture
Contact [TEL] 0265-78-2121
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