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It all started with an encounter at an exhibition in Europe. The secret story behind the birth of earthmeat!

Date: 2021/11/29Interview

This time, we interviewed Harada Sangyo Corporation, which is developing earthmeat LIKE CHICKEN! a next-generation foodstuff using soybean meat!

—First of all, please tell us why you decided to exhibit at FOOD TECH PARK this time.

Until now, earthmeat LIKE CHICKEN!? has been sold only for professional use, but as we start selling it to the general public, we wanted to let as many people as possible know about it. We think the location of this project is in an area that is visited by people of all ages, so we think it will be a good opportunity to let non-vegans and the younger generation know about the project.


—Thank you! Shibuya Loft is adjacent to the cosmetics floor, making it an area frequented by women in their teens and twenties. On the other hand, the main target of Ginza Loft is health-conscious men and women in their 30s and 40s, so we believe that our products will be recognized by a wide range of people through this exhibition. In fact, I have the impression that many customers in the field are excited about the high versatility of cooking and the texture like real chicken, and many of them want to purchase the product and take the leaflet home with them.
Next, could you tell us about the background of your brand development and product concept?

The background to the development of the brand is that when we first encountered this product at an exhibition in Europe three years ago, we were struck by its novelty and, above all, its deliciousness, which was different from the conventional image of vegan food products and products developed by other companies. However, at that time, Japan was a completely different market from Europe, where plant-based meat alternatives were not as popular or recognized as they are today. We felt that we needed to propose an entire worldview that would be accepted and appreciated by Japanese customers.
That’s why we first launched earthmeat as our own brand in Japan.


It is a universal and friendly new meat born from the earth that contributes to the sustainable development of the global environment and can be enjoyed by everyone together. With this in mind, we named our product “earthmeat”. In the manufacturer’s original formulation, some of the flavors that are commonly used for food in Europe could not be used in Japan, so we were able to negotiate a formulation for the Japanese market. In February 2020, two years after our first encounter, we were able to start selling earthmeat in Japan, and now earthmeat is being sold in Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan, and other Asian countries.

—I see. You have achieved a unique formula for the Japanese market in line with the Japanese expansion.

Please tell us about the background of the renewal of the product name from “earthmeat” to “LIKE CHICKEN!?”.

With the product name “earthmeat,” it is easy to imagine that it is meat born from the earth, but it was difficult to imagine what kind of soy meat it actually is. In order to make it easier for consumers to imagine the taste and texture, we decided to renew the product name while keeping the brand name earthmeat. By using the renewed name “LIKE CHICKEN!?”, we believe that we have made it easier for customers to understand the brand’s strengths, which are its chicken-like texture and juiciness.

—Indeed, the product name “LIKE CHICKEN!?” is very catchy and represents the product features well. Combined with the key visuals used in the advertisement at the FOOD TECH PARK, I think it directly communicates to customers that it is an alternative to chicken.
As a final question, please tell us about your vision for the future of the food tech market.

More and more people are thinking about the earth and their bodies when choosing what to eat, and more and more people are starting to live sustainable lifestyles, but I believe that in order to start and continue a sustainable diet, it must be delicious.
We hope that the delicious taste of our products will become a new option for people and help them to live a sustainable life.
We also hope to break down the invisible barriers for vegans and those who cannot eat meat, and spread meals that everyone can enjoy together.


—I agree with plant based food’s idea that the first step in maintaining a healthy diet is to make it taste good! FOOD TECH PARK will also strive to promote plant-based and ethical food products by exhibiting many sustainable food products that will lead to the next generation!
Thank you for your time today!


For more information about earthmeat LIKE CHICKEN!?, click here. Please take a look.

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